2013/14 Grant Call: Assessing Gender Progress

by Pablo K


Invites applications for small grants:

To enable research in the pursuit of a PhD project
To help fund travel, interviewing, or media connected with PhD research
To contribute towards writing-up costs for a PhD dissertation

The AL Charitable Trust is a 30-year-old foundation aimed at assisting PhD students in the social sciences, especially sociology. A limited number of small grants of up to £1,000 are available each year.

Through providing small grants, the AL Trust helps students complete parts of their research that they might otherwise be unable to fund. The Trust also aims to promote new generations of researchers addressing important social questions of our times. The Trust expects all funded projects to have an explicitly gendered perspective.

The priority of the Trust this year is gender progress.

Assessing Gender Progress: Measurement, Concepts and the Politics of Knowledge

Claims about the progress or retreat of gender equality are commonplace. From the percentage of women in national parliaments to the Millennium Development Goals to changes in traditional gender roles, policymakers and researchers rely on measurements of various kinds to make sense of the world. But we perhaps do not reflect enough on how such assessments are arrived at.

We seek proposals that interrogate the assessment of gender progress. How useful are existing criteria in various domains of social life? Can political disagreements be traced back to methodological differences? What is the record of attempts to unsettle measurement itself? How, in the last instance, do we assess the nature of gender progress?

How to apply

Please note that grants will not be given for course fees or conferences and the Trust is limited to supporting the work of doctoral candidates in UK universities.

An application form is available here. Completed application forms and one reference must be sent by email to the AL Trust at this address.

The grant call is also available in pdf format.

The closing date for applications is Monday 20 January 2014.
We will make a decision by early March.